The Blonde

This wee-k my mother’s boyfriend’s daughter moved in with us. As a pregnant-barely-graduated-high-school moron. Just complete moron.  I mean, this is the girl that had to get a haircut to get a knot out of her hair because she couldn’t reach it with a brush. The girl who says she can’t come to the library one block away with me at 11am because she has an interview at 2pm three blocks away.  Who eats a poptart for breakfast. Who makes an entire box of mac ‘n cheese in the microwave (?) at 10pm and barely eats 1/4 cup.  Who walks out of the house without saying a word to myself or my brother and leaves the entire day. Oh, who is eating dinner by herself when my brother and I walk into the house, having been in the yard for the past hour.

She doesn’t do a thing without her father telling her. Otherwise she just sits on her phone or watches horrible Disney channel shows for hours on end. I left the house for 2 hours today and she hadn’t moved. At all.

It’s so frustrating, sitting next to her and being worried about being able to pay rent and working 2 jobs during school. She doesn’t even ask for help because she’s so used to just being given to her because it’s become apparent that she is incapable of helping herself.

She has only lived here for 30 hours and in those hours she has only managed to bewilder and frustrate me. So, until she invokes a feeling not connected to the 2 previous, she shall be known as The Blonde. Unless she acts like a person she won’t be addressed as one.


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