We compromised at 65. And so you set the thermostat to 68 only three days later. Because…..? And when I tell you that you left the front door open your response is ‘huh’. Since you’re always complaining how cold you are. Oh and three of us have to park in the driveway, and you park literally in the middle, not pulled up or to the side at all. And you have the biggest car. 

I just don’t understand. How can you just not care like normal people? Or try to act like a grown-up even. I have to live the next 6 months with you and I don’t even want to think about it. You’re perfectly nice but I don’t know why you can’t be an adult. And as much as you talk about how your mom took care of your house, she’s not here anymore. 

Be mature, take charge and be responsible. 



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