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She was avoiding me…then she wasn’t. The house was at 67 when I came home…and the one that put it on 64 yesterday put it on 66 for the night. And said she thought 64 wasn’t too bad. I just don’t understand. You put it higher than I asked about without saying anything, after I said I’d like us on the same page. I am totally willing to compromise if you would just fricken talk to me! Say something. Anything frickn thing. Not just be passive aggressive. 

I don’t know. I’m so sick of this I feel like I’m going to let it go and just try to make sure the temperature gets lowered at night and the heat is off during the day when no one is home. How many times can I say something to be ignored and pushed aside. I wanted to compromise, maybe this is the compromise then?


Whelp…she isn’t talking to me really. So either she’s really stressed or my roommate is pissed off at me now. This is what I get for speaking my mind and sticking to my guns…about one thing. For insisting that I have a say in the house I live in. Honestly, is that wrong?

It’s not that I care so much about what people think of me but I don’t like having people I care about being mad at me. It’s just a thing I guess. 

It Still Continues

I don’t even know anymore. So here it is: we kept the heat on 64 all night last night. Higher than I would have liked but, compromise. I wake up this morning and I hear my third roommate go downstairs. All of a sudden, the heat kicks on. When I go downstairs for breakfast, I look and see she put it on 69. Motherfucker. I turned it off. We were leaving the house in 20 minutes, what did it matter?? I was eating when she came down and we were talking before I told her, I didn’t want to start something or keep saying something but well, she put the heat on. And she tells me she was freezing when she got up.

I told her that since all of us were paying for the heat, I’d like for us to be on the same page, not just turning the heat on and off, up and down depending on who’s home, doing whatever we’d like without talking about it. You know, that way everyone has a say, a compromise. And she tells me that yeah, three of us do pay for it.

I am not trying to be controlling, I swear. I just refuse to be pushed over and made to pay for something that I don’t want, or have the means to pay for most likely. What is so hard about agreeing to compromise?? I’m not asking to never turn on the heat or anything, I’m trying to meet her in the middle and…. I don’t even know. 

I’m so glad that we have a conversation to discuss things and we all nod and say okay, we agree. And then for you to just do whatever you want anyways. Seriously. It means so much to me as a friend.

Again,  thought we had compromised. You honestly make me not want to be here and live with you anymore. I’d rather not think about having to deal with you for the next 6 months. 

I don’t want to be here anymore. 


I don’t want to do this. 

Ender’s Game

So I said earlier that this weekend was great, and it was. I saw the movie Ender’s Game, a book by Orson Scott Card that my little brother had been on me to read for a few months. (In my defense the book had been missing for a while though.) First off, the movie was fantastic and well done, easily one of the best movies I’ve seen in a while. 

My brother highly approved, especially because it’s so common for a movie to be nothing like your favorite book and just annoy you. That was Friday night. Saturday evening, after birthday dinner and fun, I read Ender’s Game….and finished it this morning. Whoops. Super good read that makes you forget that it was actually written in the 1980’s, way before the technology of today. 

Also, I watched The Nightmare Before Christmas, which is always fantastic!