And It Continues

I thought it was good. We all talked and discussed the heating issue. I go home for the weekend, a great weekend. And I come back and guess. Just guess. Heat set at 69. 

I’m physically agitated by this and it makes me want to cry. And I’m not a crier. I just don’t understand. We’re friends but I don’t want to deal with them anymore. But I don’t want to lose friends either. Somehow I always find myself in situations that are just…. anxiety-inducing. 

I thought we had compromised. And now I feel like I have to accuse them of going behind my back. Not that I’m in charge but the respect issue has definitely gone out the window. 

I’m afraid to keep on them about this because then they’ll end up hating me. But shouldn’t we be able to compromise, discuss it and then stick to it? Why act understanding and agree if you don’t?? 


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