Archive | December 2013

Telling others how good of a person you are probably doesn’t make it true.

Complaining about other people complaining about money problems when you just went on a shopping spree and returned half the stuff probably makes zero sense. 

Talking about how much your kids mean to you and then cheating on your wife probably means you’re an ass. 

Sitting with your baby all week probably doesn’t count if he’s on a different couch and you’re on your phone the whole time.

Sorry. But the truth hurts. 


So I know it’s been a while…. but the blonde, the one that now has a baby that does nothing but watch tv with him in one hand and her phone  in the other. But fine. 

She just took 25 minutes to make a quesadilla…. that is maybe 6 inches big. Not even a whole sized one. I just…. I don’t understand how that happens… She heated meat, very carefully arranged cheese on the meat. Heated it again. Heated a frying pan. Put the tortilla shell on the hot pan to heat. Put the meat and cheese mix back in the microwave before putting it on the shell. When it was done, she put it on a plate. Washed the frying pan. Then, because that took so long, she put the quesadilla (which I’m not sure it can even be called that because she put meat sauce for pasta on it but sure) into the microwave because it was no longer hot. 

I, in the meantime, heated up leftover pasta and meatsauce, at it. And got hungry again. 

Some people just aren’t meant to be understood I guess.