Archive | February 2014

I love my best friend but really. Not talking to me for days because ‘life has been rough’ and you haven’t been pleased with it? We’re in college and I know everything that’s happening to you. Not reaching out is your own fault and I can’t be there for you if you don’t talk to me. 

Life is rough for a lot of people. The key thing is, remembering that you’re not the only one that has bad times and no one’s problems are bigger than others. 

If you act like you’re the most important thing in the world and your problems are all that matter, you make everyone around you feel insignificant and feel like we can’t say what’s bothering us. 

Remember that to have friends you need to be a friend first.


I just watched 1 1/2 seasons of The Mindy Project in 4 days, thank you snow days in college! I can only hope to grow up to be like Mindy one day!

Doing a paper for my sociology class and realizing that I’m a textbook example of a daughter of an alcoholic. 


Seriously, people need to stop being so passive aggressive. Or just say something if there’s a problem. Don’t act strange and leave everyone wondering what the issue is, or if there even is an issue. It makes us worry, wonder if we did anything possibly and most likely we didn’t. Stop acting so shady, weirdos. 

People really baffle me. Honestly. They just make no sense. Especially when you can tell that they don’t put any effort of thought into any actions.