Blind Leading the Blind

Clearly, if you’ve read any of my previous posts, I have some issues of my own. 

Concerning nerves and being an introvert. 

But my best friend from college just moved 16 hours from home for the first time for veterinary school and her panic attacks have started to come back.

I’m trying so hard to help her.

And I know that part of her problem is that she has 2 weeks before orientation and she has way to much time to think.

Getting lost in our heads is dangerous for people like us.

We’re the type to worry about worrying.

Which helps no one.

All I can do is give her the same advice that I’ve been trying to use. Like going for runs and tea. I’m at least closer to home and live with my sister. 

She keeps saying she wants a pill to calm her nerves which scares me. She never even takes anything for headaches. 

Out of the two of us, she’ll make friends a lot easier, I know. She just has to make it to orientation first. 


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