All Experimental

2 days into classes and still not sure if I have a clue. 

The schedule is something to get used to, as it is definitely busy with lots of reading to do. Which makes it hard to adapt to when I’m still coming off of summer mode. And an easy last semester. But doable when I think about it. 

I hope. 

I lunch by myself today. And I still have an hour left to figure out what to do with my time. I could study. 

I guess. 

I should. 

I don’t mind eating by myself I guess. But I think it just points out to me the fact that I still don’t have a set group of people. 

Which I have to remind myself is okay. 

It’s okay. 


And I’m still working on how to take notes. 

Printing seems like it’ll rack up the print cost. 

Plus it all seems tiny to save paper. 

Although I’m not used to typing them either. 




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