Not Shocked

I took my first quiz today in medical school.

And failed. 


But I’m not surprised. 


I’m barely upset. 

Maybe I’m just numb. 

I don’t know how to study the amount of material. 

I feel like everyone is so much smarter than me. 



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2 responses to “Not Shocked”

  1. doctorgeekette says :

    They are not !! It is a big adjustment but you need to find what works for you. I know, everyone says that BUT I would recommend checking “a-doctor-in-the-house” blog, she provided a lot of study tips via video and on her blog. Another classic is this blog: and

    We are all different: I am the kind of student who need to write to remember things. I know some people who will attend a lecture and remember most of it by the time it is over, I am not like that at all. Some people need to intensively study something 2/3 times and then it stickes. I am NOT one of those, I need to review at least 5 times to remember it. I am not the photographic memory type and I may take longer/it might be more painful but eventually I get there. Hang in there, you will find your way 🙂

    • spulunker says :

      Thanks for the advice and tips! I’m the same way, I like to write out what I’m trying to learn and DEFINITELY don’t remember everything after lecture.
      The first week of classes was extremely intimidating and I feel I spent too much time trying to figure everything out rather than just studying.

      Those blog posts you linked are a huge help, THANK YOU!!

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