Take 2

Tomorrow is the second quiz of medical school. 

I definitely changed my study pattern but I guess we’ll see. 

It’s hard when you’re learning an entire semester of Biochemistry in one week. 



Unfortunately the nerves are coming from the impending social events that are occurring this weekend. 

Somehow, I have physical anxiety responses to classmates talking about the parties tomorrow and Saturday. 

This level of social anxiety is one that I have never experienced before. 

Just breath. 

Just breath. 


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2 responses to “Take 2”

  1. doctorgeekette says :

    Oh anxiety…. I have started to have full blown panick attack in med school… I don’t know how it works in the USA but try to see a good counsellor who will give you tips and tools to manage those. My Uni is fab on that aspect: I get tons of support, pen down time etc.. Severe anxiety is no joke… I wish you the best of luck !

    • spulunker says :

      My school is pretty solid on the academic support side at least. I’ve met with someone twice so far, after I failed the first quiz and after the second one to see if I did better. Honestly, just talking through the anxiety seems to help for me. And DEFINITELY the down time that is essential! Thanks and best of luck to you too!

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