Feeling Small

It’s way to easy to feel insignificant next to other people.

And unaccomplished.

I feel as though I’ve done nothing.


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2 responses to “Feeling Small”

  1. doctorgeekette says :

    But you have. You have lived your life and you are still doing it. Growing, making choices, taking opportunities etc… Emma Watson is a UN Goodwill Ambassador at 24 with a couple of movies under her belt, some fashion stuff and an Ivy League degree. At that same age, some already graduated from said Ivy league, are married and in med school or working and some even have a child. Others are surviving in war zone, doing their best, working their butt off to cater to maybe 6 children already. Do you think they achieve less? We all have our own path, our own challenges, interests and we all made different choices. Yours are not less valid. Your life does not count less because you did not volunteer and fed poor africans.. Michelle Obama said “succeed is not how it looka to others, it is how it feels to you”. Feel good about your life and your path. You don’t need to be a Nobel prize winner to accomplish something. The fact that you are (I assume) a decent human being trying to make her dream (?) happen despite the hard work and the sacrifices is enough and it should be enough to you 😉 You don’t know how those accomplished people feel about themselves and their life at the end of the day when they go home 🙂 Hang on 🙂

    • spulunker says :

      Oh my gosh, seriously thanks so much. Most of the time I’d like to assume I’m a decent human being, lol. Sometimes it’s just so easy to feel at a disadvantage to others in medical school who took time off and worked or went to other schools with more opportunities available to them than I had. And I do realize that those are just life’s circumstances. Sometimes in conversation it just becomes horribly apparent that I have nothing to add when classmates discuss their research, hobbies, etc. There just seem to be days (like yesterday especially) when some disadvantages I had are more forefront in my mind. Thank you for the encouraging words; they were exactly what I needed!

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