Archive | June 2015

One Year Done

So here I am. A couple months later and I will officially announce that I have passed my first year of medical school! It was NOT easy and people looking back and saying that it was are clearly blocking some things out.

Sometimes it’s hard to think that I’m actually in a really good place in my life because I’m still in school. Other kids I graduated high school or college with are getting jobs, married and having kids. And I just say that I’m still in school. Forever. But then I have to remember that I had some really tough competition to here and that I am in a pretty prestigous program to be honest.

It’s easy to still just feel like a small student when other people your own age are building lives and seem so much further ahead of me in life.

It’s good to remind yourself once in a while that people take different paths.

And there’s nothing wrong with that.