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Oh my.

I just watched Logan.

And my heart. My heart aches with so many feels.

Such a beautiful movie.

I’ve been watching Marvel movies since a kid, watching the 90’s cartoon with the greatest opening theme. My dad raised us with X-Men and superheroes and every new movie since he’s passed has always had such a bittersweet note to it.



via Daily Prompt: Expectation

People always seem to be expecting something different than what I expect of myself. And sometimes (most of the time) my expectations disappoint me too.

My brother once told me to set my expectations low, that way when I succeed, even by a little, I’ll be ‘pleasantly surprised’.

Personally, expectations give me a lot of anxiety. Like whenever I’m in a relationship I always feel like he ‘expects’ something of me and I don’t know what that is. Hence the anxiety and hence why my relationships don’t last long.