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Again, I reiterate: don’t try to be passive aggressive on Twitter… people do know how to read. 


People are strange

I realize I complain on here a lot. But honestly…. you’re screaming, you are quite literally screaming right now. And I don’t know why people you’re just telling a story. But apparently it’s completely appropriate to just scream all of the time and for no reason. It’s just weird and annoying and why do you think it’s okay? 


So what’s hilarious about being passive aggressive on Twitter? Oh yeah, being stupid and forgetting that I follow you. So I can read it. 

Also, lowering our heating at night isn’t just about comfort, it’s about being poor college students. None of us have regular incomes…so comfort over cost? I don’t understand how this concept doesn’t make sense to you. 

If anyone understands, please let me know. Because I sure as shit don’t get it apparently. 

Resisting the urge to cry myself to sleep. But I’ll probably lose. 

I’m tired of being me. 

I don’t understand why I feel nauseas everytime I get anxious. 

Or why I get anxious everytime I have to think about bills. 

Especially because so far I’ve been able to pay, so it’s not like I have a bad history of making ends meet. 

But I freak out about everything and I literally don’t know how to make myself stop.