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Please. For me. Just this Once.

Grow up. Just please grow up and try to remember we’re not children anymore. This isn’t high school and you have to take responsibility for being a moron now. So please, seriously, stop embarrassing yourself by admitting you don’t know how to take care of yourself. You’re an adult, act like one. 


I don’t want to be me anymore. But I don’t know how to stop.

Someone Fix Me

I wouldn’t call myself passive aggressive. Honestly. I just seem to have a problem. Not with confrontation either. But a fear of causing a problem or making people angry with me. I fear saying something or making a comment about someone’s behavior because I don’t want to start a problem. 

And I know that it won’t always start something but I don’t want to be the reason something starts. Not that I can’t take blame either. But you wants to be the reason that the balance was upset. 




We compromised at 65. And so you set the thermostat to 68 only three days later. Because…..? And when I tell you that you left the front door open your response is ‘huh’. Since you’re always complaining how cold you are. Oh and three of us have to park in the driveway, and you park literally in the middle, not pulled up or to the side at all. And you have the biggest car. 

I just don’t understand. How can you just not care like normal people? Or try to act like a grown-up even. I have to live the next 6 months with you and I don’t even want to think about it. You’re perfectly nice but I don’t know why you can’t be an adult. And as much as you talk about how your mom took care of your house, she’s not here anymore. 

Be mature, take charge and be responsible. 


Sometimes you’re not the big picture

What the hell??

I come home from a med  school interview and my roommates decided to turn the heat on in our house…to 70! After how many times did they say how they were going to sleep in hoodies and ‘rough it out’ until November? We have part-time jobs, how the hell do they expect to pay for this? College kids have to make sacrifices and part of the point of moving off-campus was to save money. 

Some of us don’t run to Daddy everytime we need money. Why don’t you ever think about the bigger picture instead of what makes you happy? This is the real world. I pay my own bills unlike you.