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Are you happy with that?


Just Can’t Tell

So there’s a situation that I just can’t get a read on.

My best friend from undergrad is in vet school right now, 16 hours away from me.

I know that it was highly competitive to get in (there’s only 28 or so schools in the U.S.).

And I know that it’s a lot of material considering they have to learn about all different animal systems, not just one.

But she frequently makes comments that irks me the wrong way and I just don’t know how to take it.

Like sometimes she makes a comment about really cheap airfare to come visit her and it makes me mad because why would she assume that I have the time during medical school to fly out to another time zone to visit her?

But on the other hand, I know that she’s lonely out there so it could just be her being her and goofing around on the internet.

Then, she’ll send messeges about how much work she has and say ‘Not looking for pity but…’ and go on to say all this stuff she had to learn.

Or ‘Why didn’t you try to talk me out of this?’

We’re in the same boat, more or less.

Does she think that I have less work than her?

I just can’t shake the feeling that she’s somehow looking down on me or making passive aggressive statements about how much work she has.

Or is she just complaining in general and I’m taking it the wrong way?

Calm The F*** Down

This is medical school.

Let me tell you the situation.

There is an 8 hour exam on Friday made of two parts: a written portion and gross anatomy lab practical.

There is a shit-ton of material on this. Including six pages of anatomy terms, physiology, embryology and more.

Everyone is freaked, okay.

Sure, I had anatomy in the past so at lot is at least familiar. It helps a bit.

But you freaking out, saying that no one else can talk about being stressed because you ‘know that they’re  not on the same level’ is bullshit.

That is bullshit. Plain and simple.

How the hell do you know that other people aren’t freaking out too?

And what gives you the right to get annoyed by other people complaining when you won’t stop complaining??? 

Maybe everyone else isn’t as vocal as you in their panic.

Maybe you’re freaking out other people and frustrating them by constantly complaining that you don’t know anything.

Maybe you need to sack up, grow a pair and just do your shit.

It’s only Monday.

Stop saying it’s hopeless.

If you keep acting like this, then it will be hopeless.

Pull your shit together.

It’s embarrassing.